Monday, April 4, 2011

Viability of reloading primers?

Now remember the toy gun roll caps?

Forster still makes the Tap-O-Cap to make black powder caps from aluminum cans - you fill the cap with the toy roll caps!

They would be cheeper and more effective than the strike-all matches, used in this way. About 5 bucks for 1000 cap rolls. It makes the priming corrosive as I think the strike all matches are also.

A simple die and punch for reforming primers would be easy to make.

This information and idea is only for review and educational reasons, users are warned that anything is at your own risk, including standard reloading.

This is a potentially dangerous idea and if a user were to find a way to make fulminate of mercury, lead azide or lead styphnate - the compounds are very toxic (illegal to make without .gov approval papers) and very dangerous.

Some chemicals react to copper and brass or humidity and can self ignite or make compounds that will self ignite.

Best to stay on the safe side and keep your fingers.

Now some information about standard primers.

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