Sunday, April 3, 2011

Personal Critical Review of Firearms - The GLOCK "Safe Action" pistol


GLOCK "Safe Action” pistol

What can you say, Glock has become a household name, for good or ill it is associated with alphabet named statist thugs, bling incrusted gang-bangers, insane gunman shootings, and foot shooting law enforcement retards.

Reliability, dependability, and simplicity have become the calling card for the Glock, the simple pull the trigger trigger within a trigger safety has both fans and detractors, what you will not see are many questions about its usability and reliability. In many cases new gun owners will end up with a Glock of one of the various models as their first pistol, they are prolific in manufacture and in second hand sales.

The original ugly plastic gun, introduced with the same screaming incoherent babble from the statist left about undetectable terrorist/criminal weapon as you would expect from the ignorant gun-hating bed-wetters. As luck would have it Glock weathered all the first introduction negativity to become a powerhouse in the handgun market. Following the Henry Ford model of product choice the Glock handguns come in every color you want - as long as it is black, simple in operation and durable the ugly plastic handgun design from Gaston has led even hardened 1911 fans away from their cult fan club.

Personal - Glock and it's success was enough to make me consider my "metal only" frame of mind, while I ultimately did choose to keep a competitive product rather than a Glock what was clear was that the old thinking was, well, old... Right out of the box the standard sized and long versions of the Glock are very accurate, while not as accurate as a few newer handguns (and custom racing guns), the polygonal twists in the barrels make them far above just acceptable. The grip on most of the models seems to be designed for hands much smaller than my inflated mitts, but is reasonably comfortable for most but the smallest hands.

Why don't I have a Glock? Four reasons: no manual secondary safety, not designed for reloading, the religious-like fan club (particularly the thug wannabees) and finally the trigger, I find I dislike the hammerless disconnect handguns. I don't care that it is ugly, if given one, unlike an AR15 I would likely think seriously in keeping the Glock.

Function - Using quality (and often crappy also) ammunition any user should expect top-notch reliable function, I don't need to say much in this regard, I have never had a Glock owner tell me they quit the Glock because they have functional problems (this does not count the famous "kaboom" issue).

Design flaws - The main concerns about the Glock are well documented and almost endlessly hashed over, I am not going to fault the Glock within it's design limitations, but as usual point out the "outside design limitations". Reloading, without a doubt this for me is always a deal breaker, I must have the ability to design and handload for my guns, for the Glock with a stock barrel this is not an option I would recommend or attempt.

I am going to point out the unsupported lower position and the contribution this has to the "kaboom" issue, clearly reloaded ammunition is generraly at fault yet there are some documented cases of factory ammo Kbs. (note the site is run by a notorious former gun-rag jerk, and as much as I dislike this statist whorish ass-hat, his research on this issue is solid). I have seen some indication that there could be an issue with out of battery firing contributing to the Kb issue.

Most manufacturers of .40 ammo have redesigned their .40 cases just to compensate for the wide chamber and unsupported lower position of the Glocks. Such is the power of the market presence of the Glock that most ammunition makers have made this adjustment.

The trigger, what can I say, pull the trigger - gun go boom!, both elegant in simplistic function, and so capable of catching the unaware. Few internet youtube watchers have missed the films of "highly trained" cops and rent-a-cops shoot themselves because they could not understand the nature of the Glock trigger. Many people consider a well designed retention holster part of the necessary safety equipment for a Glock. If you cannot keep crap or your booger hook out of and off the trigger guard and trigger - this handgun is a dangerous bomb about to go off, I don't care if you shoot yourself, but a bystander is another story.

Here is a youtube link to the DEA dork who shot himself with a Glock fo-tay...

Quote -
"I'm the only one in this room professional enough that I know of to carry this glock-fo-tay"... Boom!

Quality - Glock is an example of what we would expect from quality first world "state of the art" manufacturing.

Caliber/Ammunition - Available in .380, 9mm, .357 Sig, .40, 10mm, .45 GAP, and .45 ACP outside of the 7.62x25 and 9 Mak there are not many holes in the Glock line.

Use - Glock has a large line of various size products to cover most meeds, from an open in a holster for utility and patrol handgun to concealed backup, you want it they make it.

Ergonomics - Ergonomic design is reasonable for the "average" hand and the handgun full size series points well, designed for quick target leveling.

Current production - Currently many models are in production, the term "cannot swing a dead cat" comes to mind, the Glock is everywhere in the US.

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