Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Statist leftist progressives hate kids, use kids, don't give a damn about kids.

Where are your tears for the HUNDREDS of children killed under direct order by Obama?

With your tax money?

Why, when politically convenient, do the bully-by-proxy statists show concern for dead children when for years now innocent civilians have been repeatedly killed under direct order of the President?

Could it be the politics?

Could it be the fact that they are far away?

Could it be that they are brown, speak a different language and pray to an unapproved god?

Why, if the progressives actually care, do they not protest and screech as loudly over the deaths of at least FOUR times the civilian and child deaths by drone strikes?

Methinks far too many statists are gleeful dancing on some corpses for political gain…

Why will none of the anti-rights political whores answer this?

Are the lives of American kids more valuable?

If not, and all kids are equally valuable why will not a single leftist statist whore say a single word of protest about the murder of innocent civilians with American tax dollars?

Murderous drone strikes under the direct command of Obama?

Why – because it is not politically convenient.

Statist leftist progressive whores do not give a flying FUCK about any kids

Political bully-by-proxy statists! PUSSIES!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Piers Morgan media whore dances on the corpses of dead children

Piers Morgan is a typical media whore, who with delight, dances on the corpses of dead children

Piers Morgan loses gun-control debate to Ben Shapiro

Piers Morgan of course is simply a nasty twat, Piers Morgan Was Fired In The UK For Being A Traitorous Fraud.