Monday, April 4, 2011

Use of a pressure cooker for TEOTWAWKI

Grandma was not an idiot!


In the days before the microwave a faster way to cook was invented and the low tech nature and fast times make the pressure cooker a must for preparedness.

Our family plans include lots of dried bulk goods and portable propane tanks (propane, safe for indoors as long as you keep an eye out - I suggest a battery operated carbon monoxide detector - you need one with a wood stove anyway).

With the availability of inexpensive propane tanks and inexpensive cook tops (camper style) there is no reason to forget the pressure cooker.

Save time, save water, save propane! They can even be used over a simple wood stove or campfire.

Years ago we learned, when we moved up in altitude to the mountain west that dried goods particularly beans don't like cooking in altitude, in fact our favorite crock pot became almost useless - beans do not cook at altitude - but with a pressure cooker not only will they cook but fast...

We use the 5-7 minute pressure cooker "pre-soak" (don't forget the salt from the start)- that is start timing when the pot comes to pressure (that chugga, chugga with the steam whistle) then off the heat until it lowers in pressure to be safe to open, add spices, then bring back to pressure and cook for 7 to 15 minutes - DONE!

Get a good quality stainless steel model and extra gaskets! The cooker and gaskets are not expensive.

Don't use an old used cooker, they can be dangerous, the new models almost all come with a break out safety, and a pressure lock. Keep them clean and in good shape and they will last decades.

You do not have to break the bank with the expensive units like the The Kuhn Rikon Duromatic from Switzerland, Presto, Mirro, T-fal, Wearever, Fagor, and others are tested, safe, and do their jobs.

They even have small 1.5 quart and lighweight models that can be used for backpacking!


Cute little thing!

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