Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The small quick cabin with Stromberg’s Starplate

The quick cabin - most likely the most economical shelter building kit available - with simple pipe or 2x4 or 2x6 lumber you can build a small cabin that will sleep about 6 people, close quarters but with insulation and a small inexpensive wood stove.


The system is quite easy to use and several cabins can be built for the cost of a single pre-built.

The Eco-Cabin blog

Lodge-Tech has even turned it into a geodesic/yurt kit.

Check out the wooded seclusion yurt.

Stromberg’s Starplate systems


  1. Looks good. It would be a nice little storage or guest cabin as well. Thanks

  2. I 'borrowed' a photo from your site and it links back to this blog. Please let me know if this is not okay with you! If you would like to exchange links otherwise, please let me know! :) I would be happy to include a link to your blog from my site at http://www.Emergency-Survival-Skills.com

  3. I have 2.06 acres in elko NV. the closest lumber yard is over 100 miles away. I like the looks of this little Shelter I was looking for something easy for one or 2 persons to build with very little money. What does it cost to build this little shelter and is it something that could be heated with my small wood stove with little or no insulation??

  4. Bob, my best guess would be about $2000 USD or less, If you lean on local cut lumber, salvaged items and even dumpster diving (you would be shocked what people throw away) you could build a fine shelter.

    I built two small shelters myself of more traditional designs and I would without a doubt first go for this simple system before making my former mistakes again.

    Small wood stove, no problem, but no insulation would be a no-go, I found living without insulation in a shelter absolutely miserable. As luck would have it, many throw away perfectly useable insulation all the time, I have even used old carpet padding successfully.