Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Capillary action self-watering gardening

Two Buckets on a Mission
Is it possible two cheap plastic buckets can help reduce global malnutrition?

Sounds crazy, but there's some amazing technology that can be created by combining two cheap 5-gallon buckets along with some other low cost or free materials. The result is a low cost foolproof system of growing food.

Benefits of the 2-bucket system:
1) 50% to 80% reduction in water usage.
2) 100% reduction in weeds...never pull a weed or use herbicides.
3) Once planted, very little attention is required.
4) Foolproof: People with very little training (like us!) can reap bountiful harvests.
5) All you need are a few square meters of space...even rooftops, industrial wastelands, etc

Two Brothers on a Mission
Our vision: Turning the rooftops and abandoned industrial wastelands of developing countries into mini-farms filled with green growing vegetables. The goal of this website is to share with the world the simple steps required to build the 2-bucket system.

Heads up for Canadian Dirtbags and All you need is mud for the idea - make gardening easy(er).


  1. WoW,there bucket garden looks great.By midsummer mine is dried out.Must head out for work now.But I will be checking this out tonight.Thanks!


  2. Fantastic! I love it... thanks so much for the information!