Saturday, April 2, 2011

Metallic cartridge reloading for beginners, part 2

Kit or no kit?

If you are thinking about the starting kits for hand-loading pistol and rifle, one each for our example, my advice...

I would make my own kit...

If I were to start... knowing what I do now... what would I want, that would shave as much money as possible, and get everything I need to make it reasonable...

Assuming you are going to order from Midway...

Also assuming your are collecting your own brass to reload (and have been picking it up for some time now)

Prices are as of April 2, 2011

  1. Lee Classic Cast Single Stage Press Product #: 317831 $99.99
  2. Lee Carbide 3-Die Set 9mm Luger Product #: 140349 $27.99 (comes with shellholder)
  3. Lee Deluxe Rifle 3-Die Set 270 Winchester #: 279271 $30.99 (comes with shellholder)
  4. Lee Factory Crimp Die 270 Winchester #: 735849 $11.99
  5. Lee Factory Crimp Die 9mm Luger #: 557910 $15.99
  6. Frankford Arsenal Micro Reloading Electronic Powder Scale #: 175512 $36.99
  7. Lee Primer Pocket Cleaner Product #: 467111 $2.09
  8. L.E. Wilson Chamfer and Deburring Tool #: 789334 $14.99
  9. Lee Safety Prime Small and Large Primer #: 548630 $21.99
  10. RCBS Powder Trickler #: 317787 $13.99
  11. Frankford Arsenal Reloading Tray #5 #: 536734 $5.99
  12. Lee Perfect Powder Measure #: 540522 $23.99
  13. Lyman Case Trimmer #: 795961 $72.99
(I use a Forester, but the standard model will not trim pistol cases, I use the cheep lee trimmers for that)

Items from other places...

First you can make your own case sizing and forming lubricant with a small tube of lanolin and a bottle of castor oil - heat (carefully in the microwave, can we say third degree burns?) together and mix. This is the best lube ever, will even swage bullets, in a pinch castor oil alone works great.

  • - 6" DIAL CALIPER $19.99
  • - 5 LB. METAL VIBRATOR/TUMBLER ITEM $49.99 on sale! (only if you want clean shiny brass, you can wipe them off with a rag)
  • - 25 lbs. Fine Grade Walnut Shell Blast Media $24.99 (only if you want clean shiny brass)
  • - 5 Piece Test Probe Set $4.99
You can add any caliber to this setup, and should last a lifetime of loading...

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