Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tiny houses (minimalist housing) and Off Grid living

If time allows, this is my plan, a patch of land in the mountains a tiny house and release from the debtors prison I am in now.

Wife agrees as long as we have a barn also, no problem.

What I want to do is solar, wind, and methane trapping, all off grid using the "earthship" idea.

I have built small buildings for shops and cabins in the past, I would suggest a floor with 2x8 to 2x12 (or composites) at 12 inch centers with cross supports, you can never go overboard on the flooring!

You can also make your own engineered plywood/OSB composite beams.

Cut a 4x8 OSB into strips with a table saw - in this case 6 inch leaving seven full strips and one odd length.

Strips are glued together, make sure to clamp them or lay them out on a level floor and place weights on top until dry.

Glue and staple support 2x2 or 2x1 strips or even doubled strips of OSB onto the edges to form a beam.

Construct beams as long as needed (length and strength can be calculated, make sure you research this) my maximum would be a three ply beam 18 feet long with strips and support edges staggered.

The support edges can also be produced with 2x4 or larger lumber with the correct width notch routed (table cut notch) into the middle.

Glued beams of this type are stronger than the sum of the parts and far, far stronger than cut wood.

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