Monday, April 4, 2011

Sprouts for variety and nutrition in your preparedness storage

Sprouting makes a superior nutritional product, for easy transformation of carbohydrates into other nutrition.

Simply sprouts are a LIVING plant, and LIVING plants as do all LIVING things change their surroundings by the NATURAL processes of LIVING creatures.

As much as some may want to attribute this to some "grand mystery" that "no scientist can understand" this is no mystery! Of course the simple minded may want to think that with a little mind control propaganda this is something that could "shame scientist and skeptics" it is far from that, in fact it is just several simple natural processes that have been well known for MANY years.

LIVING things in the form of sprouted seeds or beans change stored carbohydrates (and at least 8 times the water content) into other nutrients.

Carbohydrate molecules are broken down by the plant during sprouting growth and mix with absorbed atmospheric and water suspended chemicals into new chemicals.

The standard dumbfounded 'merican will have huge problems with a fast turnover from the typical poisonous fast food diet to a natural one, they will suffer, learn, or die! Tough stuff, I have lost my desire to want to convert the stupid, it is time better spent sleeping.

I have been a whole food eating vegetarian for over 25 years and a, a vegan for the first 15 of them. Storage foods are just standard! For my variety, I keep 12 different beans, rice, spices, canned goods, and some oils. The typical meat eater could simply add a few meals with small game and even the average 'merican could be satisfied (especially when hungry).

A single meal that combines the meat of a bird, fish, or small mammal, or plant proteins three times a week with the standard dried storage foods, sprouts and other small additions is better nutrition than what 98 percent of americans get NOW!

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