Thursday, December 27, 2012

The hypocrites dancing on corpses

Whores, hypocrites, dancing on corpses.

Smiling actor? WTF?

A pox on their houses, all of them - left, right, and stupid!

While statist bully-by-proxy "journalist" whores like the disgraced philandering Piers Morgan dance gleefully on the corpses of the victims of drug addled mentally incompetent predators not a lot of protest for the hundreds of civilians, including children killed under the order of the US government. Your tax dollars paying for murdering far more children than this recent media feeding frenzy.

The United States government has made hundreds of attacks on targets drones controlled by the Central Intelligence Agency (The CIA BTW is now in direct control of all the US military special forces - look that scary fact up!).

This is under the bizarre title of "the war on terror" a bullshit term to cover for the death and profiteering under the military industrial complex.

These strikes (and civilian deaths) have increased to about 300 under the Presidency of Barack Obama.

"drone missiles cause collateral damage. A few militants are killed, but the majority of victims are innocent citizens." - Pakistan's Interior Minister Malik

Is this accurate, I am afraid as you see below it likely is very true.

Reports of the number of militants versus civilian casualties differ.

We could say that is an understatement, with the history of false flag attacks in our history and the long verified history of the US government lying I am sure there will be "discrepancies" in the reports.

"drone strikes may have killed 10 or so civilians for every mid- and high-ranking [al Qaeda and Taliban] leader." - Daniel L. Byman, Brookings Institution.

The CIA of course believes that the strikes from May 2010 have killed 600 or more militants and have not caused any civilian fatalities. - Fat chance that is accurate.

"between 391 – 780 civilians were killed out of a total of between 1,658 and 2,597 and that 160 children are reported among the deaths." - Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Since President Obama took office at least 50 civilians were killed in follow-up strikes when they had gone to help victims and more than 20 civilians have also been attacked in deliberate strikes on funerals and mourners. Just a few days ago another sociopathic murderer set fire to a house and used that to ambush some firefighters, I have to ask myself, what is so different in that to a follow-up drone strike?

George (the retarded monkey) W Bush had his handlers (puppet masters) have him institute water torture, in the Tokyo Trials (International Military Tribunal for the Far East) post World War II, manh Japanese soldiers were charged with torture. Japanese soldiers convicted by American judges were hanged, and others received lengthy prison sentences or time in labor camps for water-boarding. Even in the US In 1981 Texas sheriff James Parker and three of his deputies were convicted for conspiring to force confessions by suffocating water torture. (the placement of a towel over the nose and mouth of the prisoner and the pouring of water in the towel until the prisoner began to move, jerk, or otherwise indicate that he was suffocating and/or drowning). The sheriff was sentenced to ten years in prison, and the deputies to four years

(See R. John Pritchard, The Tokyo War Crimes Trial: The Complete Transcripts of the Proceedings of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East. and Yuma Totani, history professor UNLV, Drop by Drop: Forgetting the History of Water Torture in U.S. Courts.)

Did anything come of that war crime?

Where is the shrieking of the media whores over the deaths of children by drone explosion? What happened to all the calls for Monkey Bush to be arrested for war crimes - somehow I clearly see that both the indoctrinated left-liberal-progressives and the statist ignorant flag-wrapped republican robots have no real testicular fortitude, nor care one bit "about the children" they are simply brainless demagogues - woe is our future.

Note: I have no solid position on the validity of the recent shooting, the above videos point out some strange things related, while there could be something to this I simply do not know, what I do know is that something is fishy.

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