Monday, December 17, 2012

No father, SSRI drugs, mental illness, feminization

So another fatherless, mentally ill, drugged up "boy" a product of the "let's not fix this problem but rather wash it in drugs and talk about it" feminization culture blows a fuse and jostles for attention by doing a despicable cowardly act.

Simply MEN don't do this... thugs, mental defectives, whining pussies, and drug addled worms may think about it but MEN do not, the attention is not needed.

When have any of the "as of late" SSRI drugged up pussies picked a location of armed individuals, like a police station or gun show to try and shoot-up?

All of them, simple weak whining pussies wanting attention, and they get that attention thanks to the whores in the media. No matter that the biggest killer of children is currently the US using tax funded bombs and drones...

How do we prevent this type of attention whore murderer? Can we even prevent some low level gamma or delta whining bitch from finding the largest pen of the helpless?

I get the feeling that little twats like this need a fatherly boot in the ass, some exposure to manliness to fill an obvious gap in a rootless directionless life. The voids of masculinity in a boys life that have been filled with feminine "talk-not-fix" political correctness and video game stimulation are giving us an endless stream of zombie-druged empty androgynous drones.

I am not even suggesting the typical brainless "team" sports to fill this void, it may work on the weak-minded but I am more concerned that once the activity stops there is no mental exercise, no direction, no concept of real self-control.

Just about every parent wants to protect the brood, our problem is in a massive inability to set aside parental narcissism and identify problems, and hopefully work to fix the problems.

I could go into a multi-page tirade on the worthlessness of far too many "manginas (man vagina)" as fathers but that also would lead to an equal bashing of women who abuse the culture and more or less take advantage of the current mangina culture and abuse the long parade of beta, gamma, and delta males in this country.

Sometimes I wish I did drink, seems like there are some instances where shutting up and downing a shot of strong whisky seems... appropriate.

Do we want Mexico or Israeli style militarized schools?

Will liberal bully-by-proxy bed-wetters ever learn to use the correct words and understand that hollywood is not where you get accurate information about the technical effects of specific firearms?

Will the whores in the established and controlled media stop setting up the main reason for this despicable behavior (attention seeking).

Will we ever be a country that values manliness again?

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