Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Anti-gun propaganda is insidious

The manipulators who whore for the oligarchy create a particular problem, they know the average person has an issue - misunderstanding of statistical information and what the true value is in finding the facts.

The "for the children's safety" argument.

In my liberal suburban area moms will routinely ask "you don't own a gun, do you?"

I had this same question once, my response:

No we do not have a pool.

liberal mom:

What do you mean, a pool?

My response:

More kids drown in pools visiting friends than are killed by accidents with firearms, as you are clearly concerned with safety I was assuring you that a much larger statistical killer of children was not a problem in this household. 
If you would like me to help you understand statistics or firearm safety I would be glad as a professional to help. I am very concerned with your child's safety, as I am my own children.

The kid stayed the night, and she seemed satisfied with the answer. I would have been just as happy to have sent the little bastard home with a screeching idiot.

First, let's talk about suicides, why would suicides be counted with accidents? Lumping in an issue based on depression, mental illness, or a myriad of chemical and social problems.

What it is not of course is a child involved in a negligent discharge. (All accidents are due to some form of negligence)

Why would the problems with crime and general thuggery be included with accidents? Like suicide criminal activity committed with handguns has NO relation to safety inside the home in regards to legally owned firearms.

Crime related homicides and firearm negligence are NOT the same, and are just not comparable. 

Factoring conditional probability the chance of a child involved in an unintentional negligent death by firearm discharge is 4.3 to 5.6 times less likely than accidental death by drowning in a residential swimming pool.

When factoring the much higher chance of drowning by children under 16 the chance of death by firearm is almost 25 times LESS likely.

Falling for the false idea that "overwhelming numbers" equates to general applicable fact is sadly all to common. The "scary numbers" is how political whores attempt to manipulate the ignorant public.

A typically ignorant "mom" who gets her information from the standard indoctrination sources is about as useful and reliable as a crack addicted stripper, I have no use for irrational, ignorant, lemmings (at least irrational and ignorant can be fixed, but it takes abandoning the indoctrination).

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