Monday, October 1, 2012

The Myth of magic government/police training

"Police are trained professionals, you as a simple lowly civilian do not have the super-human skills to match the hard-core training that the police and military possess and as such are unqualified to have a firearm."

How often do we hear or see a form of the above statement?

Just how wrong is that statement?

Please consider posting a reply with more information, statistics, or videos.


  1. I work as a Range Safety Officer at my local club and during police qualifications I've observed some very scarey gun handling and negligent discharges. I would guess that maybe 10-15% of law enforcement officers are actually competent in the use of their firearms.

    My advice to people is NEVER give the cops a reason to pull a gun on you. You're more likely to get shot by accident than on purpose.