Sunday, January 29, 2012

Starbucks on Valentine's Day!

This blog is most often reserved for non-political items but I want to list a strange and small request.

Refuse, resist, and crush the call for boycott of Starbucks on Valentine's Day due to its fair and reasonable gun policy.

Simply Starbucks claims that its stores are to follow the local and state laws - if open carry is legal then the drink stores are directed to follow the local and state laws.

Starbucks on Valentine's Day! Open carry and buy the biggest drink you wish and make sure you thank the managers for the support for the law and our freedoms.
The story... Call for Boycott of Starbucks on Valentine's Day Over Gun Policy

"Starbucks allowing guns to be carried in thousands of their stores significantly increases everyone's risk of being a victim of gun violence," NGAC CEO Elliot Fineman said in a news release. "Open and conceal and carry are among the reasons there are 12,000 gun homicides each year in the U.S.

Hey Elliot Fineman - go fuck yourself you lying propagandist pig. Your "gun violence" is caused by criminal thugs not holstered open carry citizens. You can buy the patch here: Pantel Tactical Guns and Coffee - Patch

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