Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nutrition and food storage

It is practically impossible to design a diet based on unrefined starches and vegetables that would fail to provide enough protein, including sufficient amounts of all of the essential amino acids, to support human health.

Nor is it necessary to combine "complementary" plant sources to provide complete protein.

Plant Foods Have a Complete Amino Acid Composition

Good news for us as far as food storage.

Inexpensive bulk wheat, rice, beans, and corn can produce a living diet for our families.

Add dried/dehydrated/freeze dried foods and sprouting and one could most likely live better and healthier from storage food than our current diets.

To prove this point - document everything you and your family eats every day for a month... If you were ever disgusted and afraid this will do it, I hear far too much about nutrition from the yuppie survivalists out there and never a review of the current eating standards (or lack of them). To be honest if your diet is crap now, when forced to eat (and cook) bulk storage food you would most likely have several steps up in quality!

I shudder at what my wife and kids survive on NOW, the wife and all but one child think that the food groups are what make the boxes square and what makes the colors printed on the fast food wrappers!

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